The Military Officers' Wives' Club

                                                Of Greater New Orleans

CAMAN Martini Testing at Emily's!
L to R: Monica, Miles, and Veronica enjoying Emily's courtyard while sampling 
martinis for CAMAN!!
April's Event: "Top" Hats and Tacos
Krewe of CAMAN House Floats
Sub Club: Oenophiles Society
The Wine Group has been able to meet all year!!! 
Ambassador of Fun: tour of Lakelawn Cemetery
Brenda Sinclair, our Ambassador of Fun, organized an audiotape, car tour of Lakelawn Cemetery.  Lots of New Orleans-Metaire "notables" are buried here.  The funerial architecture is diverse and amazing!!!
Monthly Gathering:  New Orleans Botanical Gardens at City Park
Our October gathering was a the New Orleans Botanical Gardens in City Park.  We ARE smiling underneath our masks and sunglasses!!!