What is the Krewe of CAMAN?!?!?

     The Krewe of CAMAN and our annual Ball, originated by the Navy Officers' Wives' Club (Krewe of NOW), were started as a way for military to participate in Mardi Gras traditions "like a local". All female members of MOWC are automatically members of the Krewe of CAMAN, an officially-registered, all-womens, Mardi Gras Krewe!

In the early 1970s and years prior, military members who didn't have city connections were rarely invited to be a part of the activities of Krewes, secret societies that made up the core of Mardi Gras fetes. Our first Ball was held in 1973; the Krewe name was changed to CAMAN in 1987 after MOWC was established. CAMAN stands for Coast Guard, Army, Marines, Air Force and Navy.

     Each year, our Ball Captain hosts a ball steeped in Mardi Gras traditions with a military twist during Carnival Season. The Ball features a theme and "old line krewe" traditions are observed. Dress is formal; Black Tie (medals optional) or Formal Military Dress for men; floor-length gown for women (or optional Formal Military Dress).

    At the Royal Dinner, held 2 months before the Ball, a Court consisting of 5 Maids (one representing each Service) is chosen by lottery and announced. The CAMAN Queen and King are also selected, but their identities remain a closely-guarded secret until they are unmasked on the night of the Ball.

    On the night of the Ball, the Court processes into the ballroom to much fanfare wearing mantles for each of the Services and crowns. Past royalty are presented and a short tableau built around the theme is performed before dinner and dancing.