The Military Officers' Wives' Club

                                                Of Greater New Orleans

What is the Ambassador of Fun?

The Ambassador of Fun is a board member who organizes special activities. The goal of the Ambassador of Fun is to add a touch of lightheartedness to the MOWC events and embrace the Big Easy attitude only found in New Orleans. Whenever there's a bit of pink or a special token at an MOWC event, that's lagniappe (a little something extra!).

Started in 2004, the Ambassador of Fun was modeled after the Zulu Social Aid & Pleasure Club's Minister of Fun. The idea was developed by two club members who traveled with the Rex and Zulu King entourages down the Mississippi to Spanish Plaza and Woldenberg Park.  The Zulu Minister of Fun vowed to stay up all night and bring in Mardi Gras with a bang!

Our Ambassador of Fun plans extra events (besides our monthly gatherings) which can include plantation tours, museum tours, Muses shoe decorating...the possibilities are endless!  

In honor of the Zulu Minister of Fun, feathers are one of our traditions! The sea of pink feather boas on the dance floor during CAMAN Ball as we dance to our theme songs Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and Dancing Queen shows our Ambassador of Fun is at work!

Check the "CAMAN Crier" newsletter, email, or our Facebook page for upcoming events hosted by our Ambassadors of Fun!


Please call or text Brenda Sinclair at 504-931-8226.