The Military Officers' 

Wives' Club Of

Greater New Orleans

Who are the Ambassadors of Fun?

Jeanne Black is our MOWC Ambassador of Fun. The goal of the Ambassador of Fun is to add a touch of lightheartedness to the MOWC events and embrace the Big Easy attitude only found in New Orleans. Think PINK!

AofF History:

During Mardi Gras 2004, MOWC members Heather Castillo and Janet Nagelin had the opportunity to ride a Coast Guard Cutter down the Mississippi River to deliver King Rex & King Zulu with their entourages to Woldenberg Park. One Zulu member that stood out was the Minister of Fun who wore a huge feather headdress and was dressed in true Zulu fashion.  He vowed to stay up all night & bring Mardi Gras Day in with a bang!

Standing next to Heather and Janet was a Navy admiral.  He said, "That's what the MOWC needs!"  The ladies looked at each other and at that moment the Ambassadors of Fun began!

AofF Traditions:

In honor of the Zulu Minister of Fun, feathers are an Ambassador of Fun tradition.  A girlie color not to denote a Military service was a must, hence, the PINK BOA!!  Flamingos and Cosmos are part of our signature! (Get it? They are both PINK!)

Whenever there's a bit of PINK at an MOWC event, that's a lagniappe (a little something extra) from the Ambassador of Fun.

The sea of Pink Boas on the dance floor during the CAMAN Ball grows every year when the girls dance to our theme songs Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and Dancing Queen.

Check back for upcoming events hosted by our Ambassadors of Fun!

Drag Brunch
December 2018

San Francisco Plantation Tour
Sept 2018